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Here are some of the comments from our Wild Night Runs. Latest ones are at the top.


This was my first 5K and night run. We finished it in 35 minutes. It was a fantastic experience. Can’t wait to do it again! Loving my medal too.

Kaye Elizabeth Bonner


A perfect evening for a run. The sky and views from south hessary were fantastic 🙂 great fun!

Nick Long


loved the 5k guys – well done and in the end great wildnightrun conditions Hannah and Lauren loved the course too

Steve Carr


Loved the 10 mile route quite technical and tough ascents. I stopped up by Princetown for a moment and looked at all the runners coming up the hill was a brilliant sight. Defo back next year thanks to the marshals for giving up there time for us to race

Jamie Watson


Thanks and thank you all Marshall’s, we had a blast

Gale Mitchell


Thanks Ben Tisdall and Ceri Rees for a great evening tonight. Thanks to all the lovely marshals too. The fire 🔥 pits were amazing x

Helen Frow


Great evening, great marshals and fun atmosphere.

Harriet Ryan


I completed my 1st 10k and I really enjoyed it. Given me the boost to keep going and get better

Katie Cole


Was my first 10k too and what a fun start!

Stephen Bond

Great event Ben & Ceri. The venue was fantastic. Can’t wait for Burrator Noir

Anne Kupschus


Fantastic event. Panicked when I saw there weren’t loads of runners as I worried about getting lost on my own in the dark (yes I know, what a baby) but it was really well marked and marshalled. Thanks to all involved.

Liz Househam


I get the feeling Burrator might be busy! Last night was pretty amazing…a beautiful quiet and clear night, even my roll in the bracken didn’t dampen my spirits! Well done Team Wild Night Run organisers!

Matthew Driver


My first time , running at night, in new trail trainers too , so was really scared !! But with my bff I love it , so much fun and the stars and the moon were stunning , when I found tine look up , and not fall over xxx brilliant

Nicola Yendall


Fantastic run. We loved it. Big thank you to the organisers and marshals. X

Julie Clawson


My first night race and I loved it, roll on the next one!

Debra N Paul Kingman

Thanks Ceri, Ben and team! Twas great to be back out on the moors.

Camilla Jackson


My first one and I loved it! Already signed up for two more.

Maria Harryman


Great run loved it

Simon Heldex


Love these events. See you at burrator!

Chris Nott


Really enjoyed last nights trail run, great fun!

Matty Hart


Awesome night, great to be back night running. X

Leah Rogers Was Cook


Cracking new route you’ve added to the series. See you next month

Dave Painter


Fantastic event, great run! See you at burrator

Craig Howells


Excellent event, had a great evening thank you. Was worth the 2 1/2 hrs it took us to get there!

Rebecca Phillips

Thank you for an enjoyable evening in lovely surroundings and great company! Looking forward to the Burrator Noir “ten miles, no, ten and a half, oops call it twelve but what are a couple of miles between friends?”

Hello Darkness, my old friend…
Thorsten Zwieback


It was such a beautiful route yesterday! The trees were amazing

Katie Watson