Wild Night Run: Now in its seventh year

Wild Night Run: Now in its seventh year


The Wild Night Run was the beginning of the night run series and started like most bright ideas, in a pub.

We’ve put together a timeline so you can track the event from its humble origins in the Royal Oak after a Thursday night run on the moors.

WNR timeline

  • Some time around the summer of 2012: Ceri and Ben go for a pint after a run on Dartmoor.

Ceri and Ben have another pint and bag of crisps. They come up with the idea for the Wild Night Run.

  • Feb 2013: Petzl agrees to provide some prizes & the first WNR starts with 140 runners. The main event is interesting! And is won by Mike Robinson in a time of 1:26:07 after the leaders take a slight detour! Horsemeat is found on UK supermarket food shelves. Barack Obama starts his second term as President. The organisers decide to repeat the WNR.
  • March 2014: Oscar Pistorius goes on trial. Ceri is forced to step in as King of the Night after the KOTN is unwell and sets the existing record of 1:08:37. The women’s race is won by Miriam Quick in 1:36.51. It’s wet underfoot but reasonably mild. There are 210 runners.
  • Jan 2015: James Green wins in 1:10:09. Tom Allan the KOTN finishes 3rd. There are 202 racers. Elizabeth Dyson sets the women’s record of 1:21.02. There is snow and blizzards on the moor.
  • Jan 2016: Night running starts to become vaguely popular.
  • Jan 2017: Robin Woods wins in 1:10:39. Jane Allison (The Queen) wins the women’s race in 1:31:28. There are 162 runners.
  • Feb 2018: The organisers of the Wild Night Run are forced to move it back because of a clash with the local panto. The men’s race, which is almost 11.5 miles after the organisers are forced to re route to avoid Brent Hill, is won by Adam Holland in 1:16.15. It’s very windy but fairly dry. The women’s race is won by Carla Haynes in 1:35.40 among 207 runners.
  • Feb 2019: The 7th Annual Wild Night Run. And yes it did include Brent Hill & everyone had a thoroughly wet & muddy time followed, in many cases, by goat curry from the Kitchen Table. Roll on 2020!