Burrator Noir Results

Updated results now uploaded. Apologies for the delay. If you still spot any anomalies please Contact Us

nb Top 3 overall overrides age categories. eg if you are a Vet & you finish 2nd Overall you will only receive the prixe & medal for 2nd overall. However for the Series Points the runner reverts to your Vets category.
The photos from the 2018 #BurratorNoir are now on our Facebook Group. Or you can order prints or high res downloads from Sohan’s shop. High Res. downloads just £5 with the code NIGHTRUN5

Burrator Noir 10 Mile & 10K Provisional Results Sat 1 Dec

Burrator Noir 2K & 1K Provisional Results Sat 1 Dec

2017 Results


2016 Results


Burrator Noir Results 2015