How do I get Race Results on my mobile?

First you need to install the FREE Webscorer fan app on your mobile phone (Android and iphone versions available)

  • Once the race starts, you can find the the live race on your Webscorer FAN by tapping Download races / Recent results
  • You can stay on the Recent results panel waiting for the live race to appear – the panel updates itself automatically
  • Tap the race to download it, then tap the distance / category / lap you want to follow and just watch the results appear automatically
  • By default, the app will check for live results every 30 seconds; you can change this to every 10 seconds via the Settings toolbar option
  • nb Live results only work where a 3G or 4G mobile signal is available at the Finish!

Can I get a refund or move my registration to another race?

Sorry, we are not able to offer refunds. You can now defer your race entry up to 7 days before the race for a charge of £7 (£3 for children under 12.  This will give you a code worth the full price of your entry and valid for 12 months for any of our races. This code can also be passed on if you find someone who wants to take your place.

Or we offer FREE deferrals plus expenses to people who volunteer to help marshal at one of our races. You’ll find the instructions for deferring your entry at the link below – support.chronotrack.com/hc/en-us/articles/204834280

My question is about the Burrator 10K day race?

The Burrator 10K is now on the Something Wild Events website which has it’s own FAQs section.

Do I have to wear a head torch?

For all our races a head torch or body mounted light (such as a Kalenji run light)  must be worn throughout the duration of the race. You may want to wear additional safety lighting, flashers, glo-sticks, handtorches, etc, but these must be in addition to the main front facing head or body torch.

What sort of headtorch do I need?

Our sponsor Petzl produces a wide range. We recommend you spend at least £30 on a headtorch. And spending more (around £100) does get you a much brighter more reliable light that will be safer and enable you to run faster. Unlike running shoes they also last for several years. A £5 headtorch from a petrol station is definitely not recommended! See also our Top 10 Tips for Running at Night

Can I run with my children in the kids race?

Parents are encouraged to run with their children in the Under 8s race (and of course don’t need to enter themselves). Parents are also welcome to run in the 2K under 12s race if they can keep up!

How do Series Points Work?

There are points based on your place in each category. eg 100 for the winner, 99 for second place and so on. However for 2016/2017 season you can not mix distances. So all the long races at each event (10 miles, 1/2 marathon & a couple of 10Ks)  count for Long Series Points and all the shorter races (1x10K, 5 miles, 5Ks) count for Short Series Points. Your best 3 results from the series count towards your overall result. (nb originally four races were to count for 2016/2017. However because a number of people went off course at the Moonlight Flit we have decided to exclude that race from the Series Results.

Important: One other thing to note about Series Results. For individual events the overall podium (Top 3) overrides age categories. So for example if a Vet comes 2nd overall they will appear 2nd overall but not in the Vets results. However for Series Points people revert to their correct category. So the Vet who came 2nd Overall is 1st Vet in the Series points and all other vets move down one place.

Do I need to enter all the races at once to qualify for series points?

No, definitely not. Our software uses names as the identifier so if you enter one race to start with and then 3 more you will still get for qualifying races. However you can’t mix distances for points as we now have separate long series points and short series points. eg Long Series is always for the longest race on each night.

Can I bring my dog?

Generally dogs are not permitted at our races due to issues with livestock, Dartmoor National Parks etc. Our races are also currently run under Trail Running Association Rules and they don’t allow dogs either. The TRA is a spin off from England Athletics and we feel that while a ‘no dogs’ policy is reasonable for a 10K road run it’s not necessarily the right way to go for trail races. So we are investigating some other options for insuring our events. Watch this space!

What is the minimum age for your events?

We adhere to the distance limits site by the Trail Running Assocition which is part of England Athletics. At the Haldon Night we are running short races for kids too.

age group (age on day of race)

Maximum Distance Under 8                  1 Km
8 & 9                                                             2 Km
10 & 11                                                          3 Km
12 & 13                                                          5 Km
14 & 15                                                          6 Km
16                                                                   10 Km
17                                                                    25 km
18 & 19                                                          45 Km
20 and over                                                  No Limit

Can I alter my registration between races on the same day (eg switch from Wild Night Run to Mild Night Run or from Burrator Noir 10 mile to 10K

Yes you can be transferred if space is available. There is no partial refund if you are transferring to a shorter race. You will need to pay the difference if you are transferring to a longer race. nb It is very important that you tell us if you have changed race! Otherwise if you suddenly decide to take the ‘Short Route’ halfway through your race it will mess up our Results.

Can I walk the race route? Is there a time limit to complete the course?

For all our races (except the 5Ks)  you will need to run the majority of the time to get inside the time limits.

Are there age group prizes?

We have some great prizes provided by our sponsors. The organisers reserve the right to reduce or exclude prizes if there are insufficient entries in a particular category. The top 3 overall in each race overrrides the Vet categories. So if you are a Vet40 and finish 2nd Overall you’ll get the prize for second overall and the 2nd Vet40 will move up to first place in that race.  However for Series Points the system reverts to your Age Category.

Is there a registration limit?

There is a limit of 250 total participants for the Wild Night Run and the Mild Night run. Our other races have limits taking into account parking, availability of toilets etc.

Why run at night?

Have a look at the Comments and feedback from a recent event , the Dart2Dart  on Dartmoor. See our Top 10 Reasons to Run at Night or have a look at our brilliant video, shot and directed by Beccy Strong on Haytor. Or read Ceri’s Blog on Night Running, written for Mens Running magazine.

Will the race be timed?

All our races will be chip timed using NFC chips working with our new registration and timing provider www.webscorer.com. Results will be available on the night and also on our website within a few hours. There is also a free results app available at the link below.

FREE results app for iOS & Android

What should we wear?

For all our races, all entrants are responsible for their own lot but should come equipped for unpredictable weather conditions. Kit lists are published in the race manuals.  However for all races we do ask you to wear hi-viz or reflective clothing.  And don’t forget to bring warm dry clothing to change into after the race. Also worth having a look at our Top 10 Tips for Running at Night

What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

Organisers reserve the right to change, shorten or even cancel the races  in the event of extreme bad weather. However the weather has to be pretty bad. A mild blizzard (as happened at the Wild Night Run in 2015) is all part of the fun.

How do I enter a team?

There is a question on the Registration form ‘Team (optional club or team name)’ Please enter your Team Name or Club Name here. For example Yeovil Running Club run under the team name Dark Knights. Tavi Tri Club run under their club name. Either will do. You just need three or more people to enter under the same team name or club name.

When does Registration open for races?

Registration opens at least 90 minutes before the start time (or 2 hours if we have a big field). Please make sure you have registered 15 minutes before the published start time.

Do I need to be in a club to enter a team?

Definitely not. Teams can also be groups of friends or colleagues. If there are at least 2 of you you’ll appear as a team in the results. You do need three to qualify for team points though.

How do I join your Strava Club?

It’s free to join and there’s the chance to win spot prizes. You’ll find all the details on our Strava Page – STRAVA PAGE

When can I collect my number on the day and where from?

Make sure you collect your number and timing chip from registration, no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of your race. We recycle timing chips so please return them after the race.

Can I wear my mp3 / iPod?

For your safety, music players and headphones may not be worn.

Where can I park?

This information is in our Race Manuals which are published well before each race. You will also be sent a link to the manual by email.

Are the Wild Night Run race distances accurate?

The Burrator Noir 10K is exactly 10K as it’s on tarmac and we can move the start and finish to get an exact distance. With our trail races it is tougher as we have to work with the best local trails we can find. That means the distances are approximate. If there is more than a very slight difference we will explain this in the race manual & at the race briefing.