Wild Night Run 2018/2019

The Moonlight Flit
January 19, 2019

The Wild Night Run
February 9, 2019

Back to Black
February 25, 2018

Battle of Woodbury Common
March 2, 2019

Something Wild Trail Festival
August 2, 2019

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6 days ago


We had some very nice #ClivesPies to hand out at earlier races in the #WildNightRunSeries but for our #BlueRibband event, the #WildNIghtRun 10 mile & 5 mile on Sat 9th Feb in South Brent we have a whole box of #Petzl head torches to win - www.wildnightrun.co.uk/the-races/the-wild-night-run/ ...

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7 days ago


#KllianJornet shows how to run down a mountain! #Trailrunning #mountainrunning. But really he should try it in the dark :-)

Kilian Jornet shows off his mountain running skills!

🎥: GoPro with Kilian Jornet and Seb Montaz Studio

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3 weeks ago


worth a lookin if you're doing this years series? ...

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1 month ago

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