Wild Night Run 2016/2017

Burrator 10K
May 21, 2017

Something Wild Trail Festival
September 9, 2017

The Haldon Night
November 4, 2017

The Burrator Noir
December 2, 2017

The Wild Night Run
January 27, 2018

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Once again we've had a query about Gun and Start Times. A runners sends us a messages which says 'I just wanted to let you know that I think it's a shame that the gun to chip times have been used for category positioning. I wasn't worried about getting to the front, on Sunday, but as a result I feel I've been given an incorrect position in my age category.'

Our Answer:
it is always gun times that are used for category positions. If you think you're a contender you need to start near the front.

And here's why from our timing guy 'And again for anyone out there querying the UKA indeed World Athletics rules. Prizes can only be awarded on first past the post in a running race.

Imagine the confusion with everyone if the guy that came in first wasn't the winner?

A chap starts right at the very back, runs up to say the 7th place with a fantastic time through the entire crowd of people, beating everyone. So the crowd see a guy come in first, second etc.

Only for the organiser to say the first prize goes to Mr 7th ?

Now imagine that for every position in the race ? The chap that came 9th was 3rd, the guy that won was in fact 4th, the guy who ran over the line 2nd was 5th and so on.

No. If you want to win a running race in this country, (or any other for that matter) get to the front of the line if you think you have a chance.

You NET time is for you alone so you know what you really did, and that's great and everyone can see how well they did personally. But the guy that crosses that line first...wins.'

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Results for #Burrator10K adult race are now up. We have a couple of name corrections to do. Please email enquiries@wildnightrun.co.uk if you have any others we don't know about. You may have to hit F5 to refresh your brower www.wildnightrun.co.uk/burrator-10k-results/ Did you get a PB? If so we'd love to know. Just post in the comments below. ...

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We hope you all enjoyed the #Burrator10K today. We're just back from packing up the course. Final Results will be up on our website at the link below shortly - www.wildnightrun.co.uk/burrator-10k-results/ Once again a massive thank you to all our marshalls and helpers, to Sima & The Kitchen Table and to Neil & the Discovery Centre Team. We'll be uploading photos soon. ...

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Heavy showers when we were setting up yesterday. But today's forecast for the #Burrator10K could hardly be any better! #idealrunningconditions ...

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